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Safe and secure

Online security

We are fully committed to safeguarding your account. Offering high level security, we use advanced SSL 256‑bit encryption techniques to make sure that your personal information is protected round the clock and we house all of our data on servers in a secure facility.

Your money and assets are ringfenced

We understand just how important it is to keep your investments and personal information secure at all times. Like many investment managers, we hold all of your money in pooled client bank accounts with a recognised bank and your investments in a pooled client account at CREST (operated by Euroclear UK and Ireland) which is segregated from the firms and custodian’s investments. Registration of your investments will be held in the name of InvestEngine Nominees Limited. This means we have no legal right to your investments and we cannot use it to cover any of InvestEngine’s obligations. In the unlikely event that either InvestEngine or Euroclear UK and Ireland goes bankrupt your money and investments will still be protected.

Compensation scheme

Investments up to £85,000 may be eligible for claims under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Follow this link for more information.

Fully regulated

We are authorised and regulated by the UK Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. View InvestEngine on the FCA register here.

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