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Cash might not always be king!

Saving vs Investing ‑ what’s the difference?

When we look at cash savings accounts, these are typically used for setting money aside with a fixed rate. However, investing is part of long‑term financial planning, with the belief that the portfolio’s value will increase over time, along with the understanding that the value may fluctuate with markets.

Investing gives you the opportunity to choose how your money is used – whether it’s by industry, location or asset type. Exchange‑traded funds (ETFs) are traded on the stock exchange and are made up of a variety of individual businesses; here at InvestEngine, we make investing in them effortless. You also get immediate access to our range of powerful, easy‑to‑use features to support you on your investing journey.

Cash ISAs
Huge — invest across global stock markets
Limited to cash
Low — ETFs offer excellent diversification but values may fluctuate
Safe but vulnerable to inflation
Growth potential
Potentially high — grow with global markets giving you the potential to beat inflation
Fixed and unlikely to help you beat inflation

Why InvestEngine

Affordable Expertise
Our DIY portfolios are commission-free, or we'll manage your portfolio for you for just 0.25% a year, that's just £2.50 for every £1000 you invest. The ETFs in your portfolio have their own costs.
Opportunity for growth
Our Managed portfolios invest in the stock market, giving you the opportunity to earn more in the long-term.
Help get started investing
Offering instant diversification, easy access and low‑costs — we believe ETFs are an excellent choice for investors and with InvestEngine, we help you make the most of them.
Easy Savings Plans automation
An InvestEngine account means access to a wealth of tools to make investing easy and more effective, from one-click rebalances to automatically top-up and invest in your portfolio weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
We love ETFs
ETFs have some of the lowest investment costs around — as little as 0.05% — so more of what you make goes in your pocket rather than someone else’s.
Easy access
While we recommend you invest in our portfolios for a minimum of five years, you can make withdrawals at any time.

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Whenever you invest, your capital is at risk
This could mean the value of your investments goes down as well as up.
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