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The chart simulates future returns based on annualised returns over the past 30 years for equities and the current base rate of the Bank of England (as at 30/05/2024) which the MMFs track. This is illustrative only and the Bank of England base rate is subject to change; actual performance may vary. It is not investment advice. Equity and MMF returns assume investing in an index with monthly contributions and no fees or taxes.

Set up a Savings Plan for your chance to win £1,000!

1. Choose your investments

You can invest in any one of our 670+ ETFs in just a couple of clicks, from leading providers like iShares, Vanguard and Invesco. Or, build a wide‑reaching portfolio made up of a range of securities.

Want to leave the portfolio management to our experts? We’ll build and maintain a portfolio that’s designed to suit your financial goals.

2. Set up your regular payments

Prefer to invest weekly, fortnightly or monthly? With InvestEngine, you’re in charge of how to automate your regular investing.

Simply choose when, how often and how much you want to invest – we’ll do the rest.

3. We’ll put your money to work

Once we receive the money, we can automatically put it to work based on your chosen investments using AutoInvest, for an easy, frictionless way to invest regularly.

How are InvestEngine’s Savings Plans different

Unbeatable value
Set up your Savings Plan at no extra cost and invest commission‑free or leave it to our experts for just 0.25%.
Zero ISA/account charges.
Full cost details (ETF costs apply)
Invest in markets
We help you invest in markets, giving your money the chance to earn higher returns than cash or cash ISAs and, importantly, the chance to beat inflation
Ultimate ease
It takes just a few clicks to choose your investments, choose how often you want to invest and set up your regular payments.
Once it’s set up, you can leave it to us to do the legwork for you.
Why we love ETFs
ETFs are fast becoming a leading way to invest. They’re simple and unbeatable for choice – from the world’s biggest companies to the themes of tomorrow.
Full transparency
Our Portfolio Look-through feature lets you see exactly which companies, sectors and regions are in your portfolio via your online account or app.
Tools to help you invest
An InvestEngine account means access to a wealth of tools to make investing easy and more effective, from one-click rebalances to smart portfolio top ups.

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and covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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