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Relax with our Personal Account
With InvestEngine, your money works harder, so you don’t have to. For many people, our ISA will be all they need. But we also offer a Personal Account that gives you all the benefits of InvestEngine outside of an ISA – and unlike an ISA, there’s no limit to the amount you can invest each year.
Is a Personal Account right for me?
An InvestEngine Personal Account could be ideal if:
You’ve used your full ISA allowance for the year and still have more to invest
You’re not eligible for an ISA
You want to try out InvestEngine without using up your ISA allowance
Why an InvestEngine Personal Account?
A hard‑working investment
Our proven technology tracks entire markets, delivering a diversified portfolio that aims to minimise risk and allows you to take advantage of opportunities for growth wherever they arise.
It costs you less
Our market‑tracking approach and automated technology keep costs low. Our 0.45% annual fee is a fraction of the fees you’re likely to pay with a Personal Account from a traditional investment manager.
Invest as much as you like
With a Personal Account, there’s no limit to how much you can invest each year. And while you won’t have all the tax benefits of an ISA, you can take £2,000 in dividends tax‑free, and enjoy gains of £12,000 with no capital gains tax – per person, for each tax year.
An expert team
Our UK‑based investment team has decades of portfolio construction experience, and we’re also supported by Ramsey Crookall, an award‑winning investment firm with over 70 years experience. InvestEngine is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we also participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
Always simple
Setting up your InvestEngine PAis simple. Just tell us what you’d like to achieve and answer a few questions to help us understand your attitude to risk and financial situation, and we’ll select a portfolio that matches your needs, with a minimum investment of just £2,000. You can check your performance online at any time and withdraw money with no fees or penalties.
Our fee is only 0.45% per annum
Select an account and see the portfolio we’d build for you:
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