Individual Savings Account

What is an ISA?
An ISA, or Individual Savings Account, is a great way to make the most of your savings and investments in a tax-efficient way. To learn more about it read our ISA guide
Why an InvestEngine ISA?
With an InvestEngine ISA driving your investments, we do the work, so you don’t have to. Our team, approach, technology and low fees are geared to making your ISA work harder to deliver smarter returns, whatever your risk profile. And of course, we will always protect your money and your data.
Easy to set up
Simply tell us what you’d like to achieve, how much you’d like to invest and your attitude to risk. Then we deliver a Stocks & Shares ISA that matches your needs.
We work harder and it costs you less
Our proven technology and market-tracking approach keeps costs to an absolute minimum. Our management fee is only 0.45% per annum so you keep more of what your ISA makes.
Your money works harder
By tracking entire markets, you get a Stocks & Shares ISA that is fully diversified – crucial to minimising risk over the long term.
Totally tax free
You pay absolutely no income tax or capital gains tax as the value of your InvestEngine Stocks & Shares ISA grows.
You’re in control
With our easy-to-use technology you can check the performance of your ISA at any time, so you can see how hard your money is working whenever you want.
Transfer your ISA for free
It’s easy to transfer any ISAs you already have into an InvestEngine Stocks & Shares ISA because we’ll do it for you. There’s no fee and it won’t use your tax allowance for this year providing the funds were invested before this tax year.
What will your Stocks & Shares ISA cost?
Zero set-up fees
We don’t charge any fees to open an InvestEngine ISA. Likewise, there are no fees when you close your ISA or withdraw money.
Minimal management fee
We have an ultra-competitive annual management fee of just 0.45%. This covers everything from creating your ISA to monitoring your investments and rebalancing your portfolio whenever necessary.
Low fund fees
All investment products come with built‑in costs, but because our ETFs are passively managed, these are kept to a very low 0.17% - other products can have costs as high as 1%.
How to get your InvestEngine working for you today?
Tell us a bit about yourself
Just answer a few questions about your aims, how much you want to invest and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. We then get to work selecting a low-fee Stocks & Shares ISA portfolio that suits your needs.
We match you to a Stocks & Shares ISA
Designed to mirror the performance of a range of major global indices, including stock and commodity markets, your Stocks & Shares ISA will avoid the risks of investing too much in a specific company, industry or country.
Let the engine do the work
Once you’re happy, we continuously monitor your Stocks & Shares ISA, rebalancing it if necessary. You can log in at any time to check performance and withdraw money whenever you like, with no exit fees.
How to transfer an existing ISA?
With InvestEngine, transferring an ISA is easy
You may already have one or more ISAs from previous years. However, they may not be performing well or you might be paying higher fees than you need to. But don’t worry – it’s quick and simple to transfer existing ISAs into a more competitive ISA. And it won’t use any of your tax allowance for this year providing the funds were invested before this tax year.
We do it for you
Transferring an ISA is easy - simply fill out our ISA transfer form then relax whilst we sort it all out. We’ll move the money over for you, then your InvestEngine will get to work making your money work harder.
Our fee is only 0.45% per annum
Select an account and see the portfolio we’d build for you:
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