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The value we add to your Managed Portfolio

Investment expertise, without the high fees

With InvestEngine’s Managed investing service, we build and manage a globally diversified investment portfolio for you for just 0.25% a year — that’s just 21p a month per £1,000 of investments (third party ETF costs also apply, find out more).
Combining an investment team with decades of experience and an easy, low‑cost solution for building your wealth, our Managed portfolios are a great way to add value to your investing.

Designed to suit you

How you invest your money should reflect what you’re looking to achieve, your time horizon and the amount of risk you’re willing to take to earn an attractive return.
With our Managed investment service, we start by asking you to complete a straightforward questionnaire that assesses your aspirations and needs. Based on your answers, we then suggest an investment portfolio that suits your goals.

Global diversification

We invest around the world and across asset types, with a mix of stocks and bonds.
Having a spread of investments means your returns aren’t dependent on one specific stock market or asset. Diversification gives you access to more investment opportunities, reduces risk in your portfolio and helps deliver more consistent performance over time.

Asset allocation with insight

The core asset allocation of our Managed portfolios is based on diversified global market indexes, but we also adopt a mean‑variance optimisation approach based on Modern Portfolio Theory to adjust investment exposures.
For example, we might increase our weighting to a market with higher expected risk‑adjusted returns and a low correlation with other portfolio holdings. Or with bonds, we may vary exposure to inflation‑protected bonds and duration levels, depending on our analysis of where the best value lies.
For more information on our portfolio construction process, please refer to our Investment Philosophy.

Expert ETF selection

We invest using exchange‑traded funds (ETFs). With their low costs, market‑tracking performance and effective diversification, these are great building blocks for robust portfolios.
Our experts select best‑in‑class ETFs that track different markets ‑ we then monitor their performance to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.

Balancing risk and return

We all want the best possible returns from our investing, but it’s important to maintain an appropriate level of risk.
We put a lot of work into creating portfolios that can deliver great long‑term performance while helping to smooth out the inevitable ups and downs of investing in the stock market. The mix of investments we select for your Managed portfolio is crucial to getting this risk‑reward balance right. If you’re looking for higher returns and are prepared to take on more risk, we’ll suggest a portfolio with a higher weighting to shares. If you’re a more cautious type, your portfolio is likely to contain more bonds.

Keeping your investment plan on track

As markets rise and fall, we ensure that your investments remain fit for purpose.
We’re constantly reviewing your portfolio to ensure it remains well‑positioned for the latest market conditions. We then employ a disciplined rebalancing process to maintain your portfolio’s risk level by adjusting the size of holdings as their prices shift. You can check your portfolio’s performance at any time via our website or app, and every quarter we provide a detailed report of your investment returns and activity.

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