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How we help you invest

InvestEngine is designed to make managing your investment portfolio easy and effective, whether you’re building your own or leaving it to our experts.

DIY and Managed portfolios

Build and manage your own investment portfolio commission‑free, or leave it to our Investment Team to pair you with an actively managed portfolio that’s right for you.
Our DIY portfolios give you the tools you need to make managing your portfolio a breeze, while our Managed portfolios are backed by years of investing experience.

An account for every goal

Whether you’re saving for a house or building a pot for retirement, there’s an InvestEngine account to suit your plans.
Whether it’s a tax‑free ISA, a General Investment Account, a Personal Pension (SIPP) or a Business account, we’ve got the right vehicle for you.

Savings Plans and AutoInvest

Regular automated investing, built to suit you.
No need to worry about uninvested cash building up in your portfolio — our AutoInvest feature puts your cash to work automatically.
Plus, when paired with a Savings Plan, you can make weekly, fortnightly or monthly investments even faster and easier than ever before.

Easy portfolio investing

Easy buying and selling based on your investment strategy. Invest according to your chosen portfolio in a couple of clicks, thanks to our smart order technology that works out the individual trades for you.

Fractional investing

Invest as little as £1 in any ETF on our platform, whatever the ETF’s share price.
Fractional investing gives you access to even the highest priced ETFs, helping you to diversify your portfolio straight away.

Regular rebalancing

Leave portfolio management to our experts, or easily stick to your own strategy with our one‑click portfolio rebalancing.
Reset your DIY portfolio to your chosen asset allocation in a single click, generating a combination of buy and sell trades to realign your portfolio to your chosen investment weights.
With our Managed portfolios, the InvestEngine Investment Team will regularly review your portfolio to ensure it remains well‑positioned for the latest market conditions.

Portfolio Look-through

See at a glance the companies, business sectors and geographical regions you’re investing in. Want to know how much of your portfolio is in Apple, Tesla, or other high‑profile stocks? Or your overall weighting to shares, bonds and other assets? Portfolio Look‑through provides transparency and insight as you choose and manage your investments.




Asset class

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Offering instant diversification, easy access and low‑costs — we believe ETFs are an excellent choice for investors to build their portfolios and with InvestEngine, we help you make the most of them.

Keeping costs down

Low fees mean you keep more of your investment returns, helping you achieve your financial goals sooner.
Do it yourself: Zero InvestEngine fee*
Managed: 0.25% InvestEngine annual fee
NO set‑up fees
NO withdrawal fees
NO ISA fees
NO dealing fees
*For SIPPs, account fee is 0.15%

5 star customer support

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