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Over £2.5m raised!

Thanks to those of you who supported our second InvestEngine crowdfund. We were again blown away by the support received, raising nearly £2.5m from over 1,200 investors.
Built by the co‑founder of Gumtree, InvestEngine brings the fast‑growing ETF investment market to everyone. Our advanced tech and commission‑free platform give investors the tools they need to grow their wealth.
Please note, crowdfunding is a higher risk investment. Only invest if you can afford to lose all the money you invest.

Our story so far

Launched in 2019 by the co‑founder of Gumtree, InvestEngine helps investors grow their wealth by making best‑practice investing easily accessible to anyone.
Partnering ETFs with our proprietary investing technology, we’re able to provide investors with great value, excellent diversification and simply‑powerful automation to make long‑term investing easy.

InvestEngine Highlights

Strong growth
Over 23,000 customers trust us to grow their wealth
Award winning
Winner of ETF Streams’ ETF Buyer of the Year, nominated for Best Stocks & Shares ISA by the Times
Fully FCA authorised
and backed by serial technology investors
previously built and sold Gumtree to eBay
5 star rated ISA
Our ISA has received top marks from those in the know
£1.5tn opportunity
in the UK alone
Booming ETF market
worth almost $10tn, nearly twice as much as it was 3 years ago
Built by a highly experienced team from HSBC, L&G, FNZ, Investec, Plum and BlackRock
Highlights as at March 2023

Invest in InvestEngine… Invest in ETFs

With global ETF assets soaring past $10trn in 2021 and forecast to grow 17% annually by 2026, we are confident we are in the right space with the right platform.
ETF assets close to $10tn after second year of record growth
Offering instant diversification, broad investment choice and low‑fees, ETFs make an excellent choice for investors.
Combined with the ever‑increasing interest in investing and ETF media popularity, there is a wave of untapped investors poised to join this dynamic segment of the market…that’s where InvestEngine comes in.
The exponential growth of the ETF market since 2000
Source: Morningstar Direct Asset Flows. Data as of Sept. 30,2020.

Invest in InvestEngine

Please note, crowdfunding is a higher risk investment. Only invest if you can afford to lose all the money you invest.
Whenever you invest, your capital is at risk
This could mean the value of your investments goes down as well as up.
Understand more about investment risk.
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