2023 ISA Bonus Terms and Conditions

In the period 14/02/2023 to 01/05/2023 all new customers who successfully fund an InvestEngine ISA or transfer an ISA to InvestEngine with the value of at least £10,000 will qualify for an £100 Investment Bonus provided they meet the terms and conditions below.

The offer is only open to New Customers who have been directed to InvestEngine by a valid InvestEngine Partner link and only applies to one ISA Account per customer.

“New Customers” are individuals who:

  • have successfully opened and funded an account with InvestEngine and chosen a Portfolio;
  • have not previously registered with InvestEngine or have used our services in the past; and
  • in InvestEngine’s reasonable opinion, are capable of being accepted as a customer of InvestEngine, in accordance with the requirements of InvestEngine’s Standard Terms and Conditions and all applicable law.

InvestEngine reserves the right to cancel any Client Accounts which do not meet these criteria.

An individual or business will be considered to have opened and funded an account if they have:

  • completed the InvestEngine risk questionnaire if required;
  • provided all requisite information about themselves or the business as required by our onboarding process;
  • agreed to our Standard Terms and Conditions and any accompanying documentation;
  • provided details for a valid nominated bank account; and
  • funded and maintained the relevant Net Contribution of £10,000 as specified in this promotion.

To be eligible for this Investment Bonus, New Customers must have arrived at InvestEngine via a valid InvestEngine Partner link. InvestEngine will not pay out any bonuses under these terms where the New Customer was directed by an Invalid link. New Customers should be wary of individuals impersonating an InvestEngine Partner. Please contact support@investengine.com if you believe that somebody is attempting to impersonate an InvestEngine partner.

The ISA Bonus will be calculated based on the ISA portfolio’s Net Contribution as at the Promotion Period End (18:00 on 01/5/2023).

The Net Contribution means the total amount funded or transferred into the relevant account by the New Customer in the period of this promotion minus any withdrawals, transfers or other redemption of capital. Any income paid out from an income portfolio does not count towards Net Contribution. Net Contribution is not the same as the account value and does not include any bonuses, bonus or any other promotional amount offered by InvestEngine.

For example, if an account's Net Contribution is £9,999, but due to performance the value as at the Promotional Period End is £10,005, the bonus will be £0. Conversely, if the Net Contribution is £10,000 but the value as at the Promotional Period End drops to £9,999, the bonus will be £100.

The bonus will be funded into the New Customer’s ISA Account Cash following the Promotional Period End or once the ISA transfer has been completed, provided the transfer was initiated during the promotional period. We will seek to complete this within 10 Business Days, however it may take up to 15 or more Business Days during busy periods. If the ISA Bonus has not been received within 20 Business Days following the end of the promotion or the ISA transfer completion, please contact our Support team.

The New Customer must maintain at least the Net Contribution as it stood at the Promotional Period End until 05/04/2024. Failure to comply with the above requirements shall result in InvestEngine reclaiming an amount equal to the value of the ISA Bonus from the New Customer’s account. Failure to meet our Standard Terms and Conditions may result in the closure of your Client Account.

Where a New Customer initiates an ISA transfer to InvestEngine before the Promotional Period End but InvestEngine has not received the funds by this time, the New Customer will be eligible for the applicable reward based on the value of the funds received by InvestEngine from the former ISA provider, and not the value as at the date of the Promotional Period End or any other value quoted. The New Customer will receive the bonus following receipt of the funds, and must maintain the Net Contribution as specified above for 12 months from that date.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions for our 2023 ISA Bonus promotion at any time or withdraw the promotion in its entirety without notice, for reasons practical, operational or otherwise. We reserve the right to disqualify bonuses, rewards or any promotional amount earned through fraudulent, illegal or abusive methods. This offer is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions and the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in England and Wales. Should there be any material conflict between the terms of this offer and the Standard Terms and Conditions, the Standard Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

InvestEngine is a trading name and registered trademark of InvestEngine (UK) Limited. InvestEngine (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Firm Reference Number is 801128. InvestEngine (UK) Limited is incorporated in the UK with company number 10438231 and has its registered office at Lawford House, Albert Place, London, United Kingdom.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here. Certain capitalised words and expressions used in the Standard Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in these terms.

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