General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

Under Article 30 of the GDPR, businesses are required to hold details of specific information.  We are pleased to be able to inform you of the information that is relevant and appropriate for you to know.

The name and contact details of the business

Name of firm: InvestEngine (UK) Limited

Address: 4th Floor, 57-59 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BB.

Data Protection Officer: Oliver Rodwell (Mr Rodwell is also the Compliance Director and Money Laundering Reporting Officer)

The need for processing client data

Client data – is retained regarding any client who has transacted business with the firm.

All data is held securely.

A description of the categories of personal data

Only personal data is held for clients.  Sensitive data is not retained.

All data held, is only requested and retained on a necessary basis. Data held enables the contractual and/or the function to continue, given the knowledge gained and retained.

Who will process the personal data and who will have access to it

Persons who are permitted access to data and/or the ability to process it, will be informed of the access permissions.

Those persons whom access has not been granted to any data held, will be made aware of the penalties to be applied* should access be attained via inappropriate means.  (*Disciplinary measures).

Those who have access to data will be informed of the importance of confidentiality and security of the data.

Details of any information transferred to third countries (including the transfer safeguards in place where transferred)

Data for the purposes of trading (dealing) will be transferred to Ramsey Crookall on the Isle of Man.  

All data will be transferred online via a secure link which will be monitored closely.

Ramsey Crookall is a major shareholder of IEUK.

The retention schedules

All data will be retained for the entire time that the data subject (client, staff member or third party) engages with the firm.

Once the data subject terminates any engagement with the firm, the data will be held for an extended time permitted under both the Statute of Limitations requirements and, the record retention rules of the FCA.  (Please ask if you require any further details in this regard)

Individuals’ rights regarding their data

Right to be informed.

Right of access to data.

Right to correct or erase data.

Right to restrict or object to processing.

Right to data portability.

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