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MoneySavingExpert offer: £30 Bonus Investment

Kickstart your InvestEngine portfolio with a £30 Bonus Investment.
This exclusive offer is available to the first 4,000 customers who fund their first InvestEngine portfolio. To qualify, you must invest at least £100 by the 1st September, 2022 and remain invested for 12 months to keep the £30. Please see our full terms and conditions below.

What to do next?

Create an account by clicking ‘Get started’ (make sure you arrived at this page by clicking the MSE link)
Build your first DIY or Managed Portfolio and complete registration
Invest at least £100 in your portfolio
We’ll aim to add your Welcome Bonus to your first portfolio within 10 business days
Remain invested for a minimum of 12 months to keep your bonus

Reward Terms and Conditions

The MoneySavingExpert Partner Reward is offered under our Partner Reward Terms and Conditions and subject to the additional terms below.
This promotion runs from 9am on the 19th July 2022 to the 1st September 2022 and applies only to the first 4000 New Customers who successfully fund at least £100 after completing registration through MoneySavingExpert’s Partner Link.
Subject to availability, this promotion will end either on the 1st September 2022 or upon successful funding of the 4000th New Customer, whichever is soonest. Should the 4000 customer limit be reached, InvestEngine will endeavour to amend the clickable link above, notify MoneySavingExpert and notify users who sign up to InvestEngine after this point that the promotion is no longer available. New Customers who have registered through the MoneySavingExpert Link who fund after the 4000th New Customer will not be eligible for a Partner Reward. Eligibility for this Partner Reward remains at InvestEngine’s absolute discretion.
Successful funding is determined at the sole discretion of InvestEngine and is contingent on the receipt of funds as recorded by the InvestEngine back‑office system. Evidence of a payment leaving a third‑party bank will not be accepted as evidence that funds have been received. Customers are reminded that Open Banking payments are the fastest way of making payments to InvestEngine. ISA transfers do not count towards funding for the purpose of this promotion.

Why InvestEngine?

Unbeatable value
NO buying/selling fees.
NO ISA/account charges.
Full cost details
Choice of 550+ ETFs
Low cost, diversified, index-tracking of stock markets, bonds and commodities.
Actionable insights
Know exactly which companies, sectors and regions are in your portfolio.
Powerful automation
Grow your wealth the easy way with automated investing features.
Easy diversification
Fractional investing lets you put as little as £1 in any ETF.
DIY or Managed
Build and manage your own portfolio or leave it to us.
Whenever you invest, your capital is at risk
This could mean the value of your investments goes down as well as up.
Understand more about investment risk.
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