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Growth Portfolios

Investing globally to power your returns
Managed portfolios diversified across markets
Invest at a risk level that suits you
Managed for just 0.25% a year
Invest from £100, with easy access
ISA, General or Business Account
Why InvestEngine?
More opportunity for growth
Our Managed Portfolios invest in low‑cost ETFs which track the performance of stock markets, bonds and other assets around the world. Wide diversification improves opportunities for growth while reducing risk.
A balanced portfolio that’s right for you
We seek to maximise growth at a risk level you’re comfortable with. Typically, the more risk you’re prepared to take, the more shares we’ll suggest for your portfolio. If you want less risk, we’ll suggest a portfolio with more bonds.
Pay less, keep more
We charge just 0.25% a year for managing your portfolio — and we have NO set‑up fees, NO dealing fees, and NO withdrawal fees. The ETFs in your portfolio have their own costs. Read more about costs
Monthly saving for smoother returns
The minimum initial investment is £100. You can also save monthly, helping to smooth out your portfolio’s future returns.
Easy access
While we recommend you invest in our Growth portfolios for a minimum of five years, you can make withdrawals at any time.
How It Works
1Choose an account
Choose one of our account types: Stocks & Shares ISA, General Account, or Business Account for companies.
2Answer a few questions
Complete our short online questionnaire about your investment aims, how much you want to invest, and the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.
3We match you to a portfolio
We suggest a Growth portfolio to suit your risk level. Once you’re invested, we manage your portfolio and fine-tune its investments to keep you on track.

Answer a few questions to see the Growth Portfolio we’d build for you

Whenever you invest, your capital is at risk
This could mean the value of your investments goes down as well as up.
Understand more about investment risk.
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