Our low fees

Understanding your costs

We charge an industry‑competitive fee of 0.45% per annum. Our smart automated investment service invests your money in low‑cost, index‑tracking exchange‑traded funds (ETFs) with an average annual fund cost of only 0.17%, which is built into ETFs’ performance.

Another factor that impacts your returns is market spread, which all trading activity is subject to. This is the difference between the buy and sell price when we trade in the market on your behalf. We use a buy and hold investment strategy, only select liquid ETFs with smaller market spreads, enabling us to keep the expected average impact of market spread to 0.04% per annum.

We are always looking for ways to reduce these costs, meaning more of the returns will end up in your back pocket.
Our fee
0.45% per annum
Other factors that impact your return
+ Average fund cost
0.17% per annum
+ Market spread
0.04% per annum
Total cost
0.66% per annum
No dealing fees
We don't charge for trading. Our 0.45% annual management fee covers everything and we even regularly rebalance your portfolio for no additional cost.
No setup fees
We like to keep things as simple and transparent as possible. That is why there are no unwanted setup costs or exit charges.
Low fund fees
All investment products come with in‑built costs. The ETFs we use cost on average 0.17% per annum, built into their performance. For comparison other funds can have costs as high as 1%.
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Frequently asked questions
How does InvestEngine differ from a normal investment manager?

Put simply, not only are we smart and nimble, we are far cheaper and more reliable than a normal investment manager.

And we also don’t attempt to spectacularly beat the market like most investment managers; although few actually do. A 2014 study by the Cass Business School in London found that just one active investment manager in 100 outperformed the stock a 10-year period.

So we try to be the market. Being the market is no bad thing, either. Famed US billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that you should expect a 6%-7% annual return from the stock market over the long term.

That is why we are passive investors; using index-tracking exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to mimic market movements. But we are not just content with matching the market. Our smart automated technology – allied to our expert application of global diversification and rebalancing techniques – actually allows us to regularly outperform the competition.

How do I withdraw money from my portfolio? And is it easy to close my account?

It is very straightforward. In your account, you simply enter the sum you would like to withdraw. And if you would like to withdraw the entire portfolio balance and close your account, again simply just enter the sum required to return your portfolio balance to zero.

Is there a minimum investment or deposit?

You will need to deposit a minimum of £2,000 as in initial investment. After that, you can put as much, or as little, as you want in.

What is an exchange-traded fund (ETF)?

ETFs are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for many investors because of their low costs, simplicity and exposure to different markets.

An ETF trades very much like a regular stock on a stock exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange. Like stocks, ETFs experience price changes throughout the trading day as they are bought and sold.

Where an ETF differs is in its composition. Each ETF is made up of a wide range of stocks and other investments that track anything from stock indices to stock market sectors, commodities, currencies and bonds.

As an example, a FTSE100 ETF is designed to closely track the FTSE100 stock market index – made up of the 100 largest UK firms listed on the London Stock Exchange. Like all index-tracking ETFs, its price movement will aim to mirror that of the index it follows.

Why do we use ETFs?

Our goal is to build the best possible portfolio for you using the most effective underlying securities. That is why we use ETFs.

ETFs are more than just a low-cost strategy. They offer broad exposure to different types of assets, countries and industry sectors, enabling instant diversification. ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is sound advice and a well-diversified portfolio of ETFs will reduce your investment risk without necessarily sacrificing returns.

The ETFs we invest in are simple buy-and-hold investments, which passively track the performance of an index or pool of investments.

ETFs have very low fees because tracking an index is inherently less expensive than active management. They are also tax efficient and not subject to 0.50% stamp duty, which is charged on most UK share purchases.

Our fee is only 0.45% per annum
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