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DIY Portfolios
How do I create a DIY portfolio?

It couldn’t be simpler

  1. If you’re new to InvestEngine, click Get started and select whether you’re investing as an Individual or Business (existing InvestEngine customers just need to log in to their account dashboard and start at step 3 below).
  2. Create an online account to save your progress
  3. Click Add new portfolio and select Do it yourself 
  4. Browse our range of 150+ great-value exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  5. Select the ETFs you want to start your portfolio 
  6. Set weights for each ETF in your portfolio — equal allocations, or more in some and less and others. These target weights (which you can adjust at any time) are a key feature of our DIY service, helping you manage your portfolio and maintain your investment strategy. 
  7. That’s your portfolio created!
Investing with portfolio weights

Making investing easy — and helping you stick to your strategy. No need to wrestle with individual trades for each of your ETFs, our smart technology does the work, setting up buy and sell orders across your portfolio using your chosen weights. 

  1. Finish registration (new customers only) and fund your portfolio with cash from your bank account
  2. Click Fund portfolio to invest in the ETFs in your portfolio at your chosen weights
  3. We automatically calculate how much of your cash to invest in each ETF based on these target weights (Note that once your portfolio is invested, top-ups are allocated according to how far away each ETF is from its target weight — see Smart orders & Rebalancing)
  4. We execute your order in our next daily trading window
  5. Once you’re invested, you can also sell based on your portfolio’s target weights by clicking on Sell portfolio in the ‘More’ listing on your dashboard.
How do I get my portfolio back to it’s target weights?

Helping to keep your portfolio on track with automated order generation based on your target weights

  1. As your investments rise and fall in value, their actual weights in your portfolio will move away from your target weights 
  2. You can invest more cash based on your target weights 
  3. Our ‘smart order’ technology automatically generates a combination of buy trades, doing the work for you to bring your portfolio back towards your target weights. We’ll buy more of the ETFs that are below their target weights, less of others, to make your overall allocation as near as possible to your chosen weights. How close you get with your top-up will depend on how much your portfolio has moved and how much cash you add. 
  4. You can also rebalance your portfolio back to its target weights without investing additional cash 
  5. Click Rebalance portfolio from the ‘More’ menu to automatically generate the trades to rebalance your portfolio to its target weights
  6. All orders are executed in the next daily trading window
How do I invest in a single ETF?

Investing in single ETFs in your portfolio  

  1. As well as investing to target weights, you can also just buy or sell a specific cash amount of an ETF 
  2. Click on the ETF you want to buy or sell
  3. We’ll execute your order in the next trading window
How do I adjust my portfolio weights & ETFs?

All the flexibility you need to meet your investment goals

  1. Want something more? Add new ETFs to your portfolio from our handpicked selection 
  2. You can also adjust the target weights of your ETFs as your investment outlook changes 
  3. Buy, sell or rebalance to execute your portfolio changes 
What investments can I hold in my DIY Portfolio?

With InvestEngine DIY, you can choose investments from our selection of 150+ best-in-class exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs). The full list is here.

These ETFs/ETCs have been handpicked by InvestEngine’s experienced investment team (who run our Managed Portfolios service) for their low costs and quality.

You can invest in as many of these ETFs/ETCs as you want, with a minimum investment in each of £1.

We keep our ETF/ETC selection under review and plan to offer DIY investors further choices in the future. Currently we do not offer access to shares or securities of individual companies.

What account choices do I have for my DIY portfolio?

Our DIY Portfolio service is available through the full range of InvestEngine accounts — flexible Personal Account, tax-free ISA and Business Account for companies. 

When does InvestEngine execute orders in the stock market?

Orders are executed in our daily trading window between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. We only  execute Monday to Friday on days that the London Stock Exchange is open. 

If you submit your order after 2.30pm it’s likely to be executed in the following day’s trading window rather than the same day. 

I’ve placed a Fund Portfolio order. Can I place another order as well?

You can only place another order after your Fund Portfolio order has executed — and that subsequent order won’t be executed until the following day’s trading window.

With a Fund Portfolio order (or a Sell Portfolio or Rebalance Portfolio order), trades are created for your portfolio based on the target weights you set. 

Where your portfolio has moved away from its target weights, these trades are calculated to bring it back towards your chosen allocation — helping you stick to your investment strategy. 

Given this, when you place a Fund Portfolio order (or a Sell Portfolio or Rebalance Portfolio order) we don’t accept further orders until the initial order has executed. 

You should be able to place your next order from about 6pm after the day’s trading window has closed. 

However, if your initial order is simply to invest in a single ETF (a single-stock order rather than a portfolio order) you can still place orders for other ETFs for processing in the same day’s trading window. 

But you can’t add a portfolio order to a single-stock order, or place two single-stock orders for the same ETF. 

My Fund Portfolio order has executed but only some of the ETFs in my portfolio were traded. Why is this?

This may happen once your portfolio is invested and the actual weights of your ETFs have moved away from their target weights. 

Your Fund Portfolio order will seek to realign your portfolio to its target weights, investing in the most underweight ETFs first. 

But how many ETFs in your portfolio are topped up by your order will depend on how far your ETFs have moved away from their target weights as well as the total amount of cash being invested. 

Similarly, some of your ETFs may not be traded in a Sell Portfolio order. 

With this type of order, the most overweight ETFs are sold first, and how many of your holdings are traded will depend on how far your portfolio is from its target weights and the cash proceeds you want.  

An additional issue is that if a holding has yet to settle following a previous trade, it cannot be traded in a Sell Portfolio order — and is excluded from the calculation of how much of each ETF to sell.

What is settlement and how long does it take?

Settlement is the behind-the-scenes transfer process that takes place after you buy or sell securities. An executed trade settles when the buyer receives their securities and the seller receives the cash. 

Typically, your trades will settle two days after execution (‘T+2’), although in some cases it can take longer. 

On the Transactions page of your InvestEngine account, executed trades are shown as having ‘Confirmed’ status. When a trade settles, this status changes to ‘Done’.

You can only withdraw the proceeds of a sell order to your bank account after those trades have settled.

And with buy orders, trades must settle before can you then sell those investments.

Additionally, unsettled trades are not included in the calculations for a Sell Portfolio order.

Why can’t I use the Rebalance Portfolio feature?

There are certain situations where you won’t be able to use the Rebalance Portfolio feature. 

If you have already submitted a portfolio order or a single-stock order for the upcoming trading window then you can’t also place a rebalance order. Any submitted orders would need to execute and settle, typically two days after trade execution.

In addition, you cannot submit a rebalance order for your portfolio while a cash withdrawal is being processed.

I’ve sold my holding in an ETF but it’s still showing with a zero value and zero weight in my portfolio. How can I remove it from my portfolio?

Click on the ‘More’ button on your dashboard and select ‘Edit portfolio’, which takes you to a screen headed ‘Set portfolio weights’

To remove ETFs with a zero value or weight, click on the bin icon next to that ETF. This is also the screen where you can adjust target weights for the ETFs in your portfolio.

How soon will my proceeds from selling investments be available for reinvestment or withdrawal?

Where you are selling an ETF using a single-stock order, almost all the proceeds can be reinvested as soon as you place that sell order — you don’t need to wait for it to execute.

We allow you to reinvest 95% of the expected proceeds in the same trading window in which your sell order executes. You can use the 95% to buy one or more ETFs via single-stock orders (only). Such buy orders must be placed in time for the daily window opening at 2.30pm.

The remaining 5% of the sale proceeds are available after the trading window.

However, the position is different if your sell order is a Sell Portfolio (rather than a single-stock order). A Sell Portfolio order needs to execute first before its proceeds can then be reinvested in the following day’s trading window.

With all sell orders, you can only withdraw the proceeds to your bank after the sell trades have settled, normally two days after execution.

How quickly will I receive a cash withdrawal in my bank account?

When you request a cash withdrawal to your bank account, we’ll normally process that withdrawal within one business day.

We’ll send the money to your nominated bank account using the faster payments banking service — at no charge.

Using faster payments means the cash often shows in your bank account straight away, although it may take a couple of hours or even until the following business day, depending on your bank.

When does InvestEngine update prices for the ETFs on its DIY platform?

The ETF prices we show on the InvestEngine platform are updated twice a day — around 10am using the previous day’s closing prices, then at 2.30pm with the prices at the start of our trading window. However, we execute your trades at the prevailing live market price during the daily trading window between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

How often is my portfolio’s value updated?

Your portfolio’s value is updated at 10am daily using ETF prices from the last market close, and then at 2.30pm using prices at the start of our trading window.

In addition, where we execute an order for you in the trading window, your portfolio’s value will also be updated at the end of that trading day (by about 6pm) to reflect your new holdings and the cash proceeds from any investment sales. The valuation of your new holdings, however, will be based on prices from the start of the trading window at 2.30pm, rather than the prices your trades were executed at or those at the market close.

If you transfer cash into your portfolio from your bank, the value of your portfolio will increase immediately if you have used an Open Banking transfer, or at the 10am valuation point for other transfers in.

How do I cancel a DIY order?

Orders are only submitted to InvestEngine for processing when you click ‘Confirm’ on the ‘Review order’ screen on our platform. 

Until you confirm your order it is not submitted and you can abandon your order by clicking ‘Cancel’ or ‘Back’ at the top of the screen.

If you have submitted your order to InvestEngine but then decide you want to cancel it, please email with details. The cut-off for cancelling orders for that day’s trading window is 12 midday. 

How do I change a DIY order?

As with cancelling a DIY order (see above), this depends on whether you have submitted the order to InvestEngine for processing. 

Until you submit your order, it’s easy to change it yourself by clicking ‘Back’ or ‘Cancel’ at the top of the order screen and amending the amount. 

If you have submitted your order to InvestEngine for processing, you’ll need to cancel your existing order before you can submit the new version. 

To cancel your existing order, please email by 12 noon before that day’s trading window. 

Once we’ve cancelled your order, you will be able to submit your new order. We’ll endeavour to cancel your order in time for you to place your new order by 2.30pm for the same day’s trading window.

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